GeeGee Collection is a contemporary British womenswear brand founded in 2019 by its British born founder Georgia India Crossley, and is based on the principles of creating one of a kind luxury outerwear garments, entirely crafted by hand.

The GeeGee Collection style radiates luxury by combining modern effortless contours that are elevated with bold splashes of colour and embellishments, designed for the free bohemian spirit. 

The brand instils these codes into the highest standards of quality and refinement with each garment rigorously crafted in Europe, including the fabrics which are handwoven in Italy and France.

The craftsmanship and fabrics of the collections are of the utmost importance to ensure that every individual piece is one of a kind and truly a work of art.

Guided by a passion for travel and lifestyle, GeeGee Collection is conceived for strong and independent women who naturally express their bold, sensual appeal through spontaneous personalities and delight's in life's little pleasures.

GeeGee Collection is proud to work with sustainable manufacturers in the UK and Europe in order to maintain a high quality and efficient production. Our consumers worldwide have embraced the brand thanks to its stance on both its strong social ethics and its innovative signature design.




At GeeGee Collection we are a strong advocate of sustainable fashion and have an uncompromising approach to the quality of materials used, and the making of each garment which are entirely sourced and finished in Europe. We strongly believe in the importance of sustainable practice as summarized below:

  • Supporting local Businesses
  • All design and development is done in London
  • All of our pieces are 100% made in the UK & Europe
  • The fabrics we use are handwoven and sourced in Europe
  • We don't mass produce, avoiding fast fashions impact on the environment
  • Direct to consumer Business model by selling online
  • Limited designs and sizes
  • Non-Seasonal approach to design and manufacturing, we add in new pieces throughout the year instead of creating new collections each season
  • Where possible we use eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as Hemp and biodegradable fabrics.